Friday, May 15, 2009

a book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

chinese proverb

reading to my daughter has been a source of sublime joy. i love to use different voices and point to the words as i go. she started out following my finger when i read to her and seeing the closed caption when we would watch television. often we would quote stories and scenes when we weren't reading or watching them.
there was a time when she would recite books from memory, which would amaze her grandparents. now she has moved on to actually reading, which amazes me. the first time i realized it, we were looking at one of her many horse books and she told me the name of several of her favorites from the table of contents! before i knew it, she was reading her books all by herself without me even reading them to her once. she sounds out new words and repeats them when i correct her.
i couldn't be more proud. it really is wonderful to hear her lilting voice read nursery rhymes, advertisements, or even the newspaper. we love to visit the local libraries and i often carry big stacks of books to and fro. she likes to read to her animals; but i am glad that she still asks me to read the dr. seuss.