Wednesday, April 15, 2009

curious behavior

we watch the cartoon version of curious george on public television every once in a while. i've never been a fan of the franchise even when i was a kid. even then i didn't understand why the man with the yellow hat always gave so much responsibility to his pet monkey. the cartoon seems to have taken it much further; whether george is entrusted with the repair of a space shuttle or taking the initiative and fixing the clogged pipes (almost) like he saw the plumber do it. it makes me a little crazy to watch it all happen sometimes. then i just have to take a deep breath and remember that it's just a cartoon.

at the end of every episode there is a video segment with kindergarten age kids acting out what just happened in the show. it really bothers me because they preface the narration with the caveat: "curious george is a monkey and he can do things that you can't do." then they proceed to show the kids doing just what curious george did.

i make a point of telling my daughter that she can do anything that george can do. and more.

this week she told me, "some of the things he does are dangerous though."


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