Wednesday, January 7, 2009

guaranteed personality

"i'm all lost in the supermarket
i can no longer shop happily
i came in here for a special offer
guaranteed personality!"

i have heard a lot of this song lately. my daughter insists on playing it over and over. i can't say that i mind all that much since london calling is one of my favorite albums. i have to thank ben folds for this development in her musical appreciation. his version of it during the credits of over the hedge inspired us to dance and me to play the clash for her in the car. it's that easy. i even showed her how to use the remote control on our stereo so that she can play "number 8" over and over. sometimes she'll get preoccupied with her toys and i get to hear the rest of the album. if i play the song on my guitar she will sing with me during the "i'm all lost" part at the end. that's when i'm found. she's too cool for school.

the clash helped me define myself in my formative years. they inspired me to investigate the political machinations for myself and to question authority. that said, it's some heavy and heady stuff to have my three year old daughter listening in on. the imagery of the "hedges over which i never could see" completes the isolation of "nobody seemed to notice me". this sad undercurrent gets lost in the groovy busyness of the song. since she and i do most of the shopping together, there is a connection for us there; especially when we have to go back and forth looking for that last thing on the list.


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