Friday, February 22, 2008

the swiper

shuggie and i are often in a power struggle. i can get a little controlling and over-protective. sometimes i get impatient and take things away from her, rather than getting her co-operation. as anyone would, she gets upset when i do this. it is at these times that i become the swiper. if you aren't familiar with dora the explorer then you haven't heard the cries of "swiper no swiping!" shug uses this quite a bit; and it is a reminder to me that i might be going too far. there are times when i need to take things away from her for her own protection; and then there are times when i'm just being a nervous nelly (aka swiper). when i see my inner control freak flag a-flyin', i can only sheepishly echo the words of the foiled swiper: "oh man!"

Monday, February 18, 2008

season of the fair

my daughter is in love with horses. so much so that she calls herself "little horsey". any coin-operated horsey ride that we see must be tamed. "can i ride it daddy? please! can i? can i? can i?" sometimes i take alternate routes home so that we don't pass the places with such equines. recently, we had an opportunity to go to an indoor fair that had a full size carousel. this was the first time that she had seen a real merry-go-round; and the awestruck look on her face in this video says it all.